The best 4 sport supplements that you need for sure

Hey Guys. In today’s lesson we are going be taking on a multi billion dollar supplement industry and we gonna reveal to you guys which muscle building supplements are actually worth your money. There is a ton of hype and confusion out there when it comes to the topic of proper supplementation so we strongly recommend that you watch through this entire lesson as it can save you a ton of money and a ton of wasted time and all the products out there and all the misleading information that you have been fed.I am not affiliated with any supplement company and my only interest is in getting you guys good honest useful information that you can apply to your program. Now let me one thing absulutely clear before we get started, that is the supplement are not a mandatory part of an effective muscle building program. as long as you pay close attention to your diet, and you train hard, then you can definitely build an impressive muscular body without using any supplements at all. That said, if your goal is to maximize your muscle size and strength gains over the shortest period of time, then there are a few products that definitely can speed up your result if you implement them properly into your program. so in today’s lesson, im gonna be out letting my four recommended supplement that i believe should be included in your program if you wanna get every possible edge that you can. We are just gonna give you a very basic and brief overview of each product, so lets get started.

Sports nutrition supplements

The first supplement in the list the a basic whey protein powder. Now whey protein is what i would consider the grand daddy of all body building supplement because if there is one product that i do recommend, whey protein would be it. Weight protein is the highest quality protein that you can put in your body endurance, its a complete source of protein, meaning that it contains all eight of the essential amino acid, its also has a very high bio availability, which means that your body is gonna absorb a very high percentage of the protein and whey is also a very in amino acids which play an important role in preventing any muscular breakdown. Not on the whey is the highest source of protein out there, but because of its liquid nature, its also very convenient for body builders. Im sure as you probably know, if you really wanna see impressive gain in muscle size, then you need to be consuming about 5-7 small meals a day spaced every 2-3 hours. Now it is possible to that from whole foods, but for a lot of people it just not practical and thats where whey protein comes in handy because its gonna help you steamline your entire program by letting you replace about 2 -3 of your solid food meals by the simple liquid shake.

The second supplement on the list is a basic creatine monohydrate, Now i know there’s a lot of anti supplement people out there who dont recommend creatine, but the basic fact of the matter is that creatine is the most widely research sport supplement in the world and to put it simply, it works. Creatine helps increase your strenght in the gym, which gonna help you push more weight and build more lean muscle as a result. It increases muscle cell volumization by increasing the amount of water thats stored in your muscle. it helps to decrease lactic acid buildup, decrease mental fatigue, and it also helps to improve your recovery in between your work outs. Body weight gains the range of 5-10 pounds over just a 3-4 weeks period are not uncommon with creatine use and if you are serious about your progress i would recommend that you atleast give creatine hydrate a try.

The third supplement on the list is a basic high protein multivitamin. its very important that you realize that as a person whose training intensely with weight 3-4 days per week or more and whole following a high protein diet, your vitamin and mineral requirements are alot higher than that of an average individual. not only that, but if your body is deficient with just a single vitamin or mineral it can literally have a negative impact on thousands of processes that are going on in your body. for that reason, id recommend that you include a high protein multivitamin each day as part of your program to keep all of those little processes in your body running smoothly.

The final supplement that im gonna recommend are essential fatty acids. These are known as the good fats. They have literally thousands of positive benefits inside your body the most notable of which are increase in anabolic hormone levels, improving insulin action, increasing energy production and increasing your fat burning metabolism. the great way to obtain he benefits of the essential fatty acids that have to offer is through the supplementation of the healthy oils, muscular chest. Now im not gonna go with all the details here but i get my essential fatty acids by supplementing with xxx oil and fish oil. i mix my xxx oil with my protein shakes and fish oil i consume it in capsule form.

And there you have it. these are the 4 basic pillars of an effective muscle building supplementation program. If you are serious about getting the edge that you can both in and out of the gym, these are the only 4 products that i truly recommend.

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