Test Cypionate


Alpha Test Cypionate – 250mg/ml


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Testosterone Cypionate 10ml – 250mg/ml
Suggested Dosage: 500MG Weekly.
This is one of the most common testosterone substances which are used by athletes as steroids or performance enhancers. Generally the top two that are used by athletes include this and Testosterone Enanthate and there is a big ongoing debate on which one is more powerful. Chemically they are both of equal value when it comes to delivering performance-enhancing results. The only difference between the two is the Ester which changes the half-life of this supplement and gives you an extra 24 hours before expiry.
Both of these testosterone varieties are extremely powerful and has a moderate release meaning that you don’t need to worry about constant injections. Many athletes will take around one dose a week to two doses a week while maintaining good blood levels of the hormones.


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