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Joetrop 100IU Kit


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Jeotrop contains – 10 vials of 10IU HGH.

Somatropin 191AA is a specialty version of the human growth hormone powder into freeze-dried format. It contains 191 amino acids that ensure maximum compatibility with human body chemistry. HGH is essentially a fountain of youth for our bodies and helps us to see results like lower blood pressure, a better cholesterol profile, higher energy levels, reduce body fat, better cardiac output, an increase in muscle mass, greater immune system functions, enhance sexual performance, stronger bones, younger looking skin, regrowth in hair removal of wrinkles and more.

HGH helps remarkably with fat mobilization and health and healing properties. It’s used quite often in medical purposes to aid in the healing process and to help individuals who are recovering from surgery. Most people take doses around 2 to 3 IU’s each day to improve their overall body composition and to gain lean muscle. 4-8 IU’s each day will bring amazing results when it comes to gaining muscle and improving overall exercise performance. Most people usually keep their doses around 4 to 5 ius for training purposes. The storage temperature of Jeotrop usually stands at around 2 to 8°C. In order to take this medication bacteriostatic water will need to be included.


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