Anadrol: know All About Its Uses And Side Effects

Today, we are living in an age, where physical fitness is the primary measure to access one’s well being. This general concept has given rise to the Gym culture in every nook and corner of this planet. People often tend to take steroids and other medicines to build their physiques to showcase masculinity and gain muscle weight. Though it has several side effects, but, if taken in consultation with any recognized physician, it can be very helpful and impactful. Let’s have a look into all the positive and negative aspects, reflected by the intake of globally recognized steroid – Anadrol.

Brief Introduction Of Anadrol:

Anadrol is basically an Anabolic Steroid used as a synthetic testosterone hormone and has similar effects like natural testosterone. The increase in testosterone hormone in the body causes a significant rise in the protein level in the body leading to the development and maintenance of skeletal muscles. The major component of this Anadrol steroid – the Oxymetholone hormone, helps in the rapid increase of strength and body mass. For this, a person needs to consume a high-calorie diet and hit the gym on a regular basis. It must be noted that only very little quantity should be taken under the supervision of any recognized medical practitioner or professional gym instructor to avoid side effects like – unnatural growth of facial and body hair.

How Should It Be Taken?

It must be noted that the buying of Anadrol online or offline is illegal in many countries, but, it’s also a fact that this drug is being vastly used by many people all across the planet. It’s also worth mentioning that this steroid is legal in Canada, the UK, and the USA. For a healthy person, the intake of Anadrol should not be more than 50-60 mg and further, it is highly prohibited for lactating mothers and pregnant women because the consumption of it can cause neurological damage to the child. It must be kept in mind that the prolonged use of this drug can be addictive and may cause withdrawal symptoms in the people suddenly opting out of it.

Benefits Of Anadrol:

Healthier Heart:

The use of Anadrol increases the testosterone level in the body, ultimately increasing the pace of blood that increases the supply of oxygen to the complete human body. This whole process makes the circulatory system more efficient, reducing the chance of stroke and heart attack.

Stronger Bones And muscles:

Anadrol being the quickest steroid to show its impacts on the human body is used as the thrust for the beginning of the steroid cycle by the people hitting gyms for muscles and strength. The increased testosterone level due to the consumption of Anadrol burns the extra fat and increases muscle mass, forming a leaner body. The same hormone also helps to boost bone mineral density by maintaining normal testosterone levels, which starts decreasing with age.

Treatment of Osteoporosis and Anemia:

Anadrol is very impactful in treating patients suffering from Osteoporosis – a disease that weakens the bone in the human body. As stated above, the consumption of this drug increases bone mineral density, all thanks to the high testosterone level! It is also helpful in treating Anemic patients with lower blood count.

Ill effects Of Anadrol:

Below are some short and long-term negative effects of consuming Anadrol:

  1. It can cause pain in the upper abdominal region and sometimes nausea.
  2. Abnormal weight gain and thickness in the facial and reproductive parts.
  3. Loss of hunger, yellow urine discharge along with grey stools.


It’s a common saying – ‘excess of everything is bad’. The same goes for Anadrol. The intake of the right quantity under medical supervision is very impactful and healthy for building muscles and increasing physical fitness. But, if misused, it can lead to many health disasters. So, it is advised for all it’s users to consult a physician or a professional gym instructor and consume it in the prescribed limit to avoid any health mishap and increase physical fitness.

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